Seminar Results


Before the seminar »Intercultural Management – Bridge across Cultures 2003« in Finland actually began, there were the first results: Some of the students who attended to the seminar wrote as preliminary assignment an essay about

  1. how they have dealt with cultural differences up to the beginning of the seminar and
  2. what personal goals they wanted to reach in the Intercultural Management seminar.
The essays as PDF-Files:

Presentations and Reports

In this part of the web site also other results of the seminar »Intercultural Management – Bridge across Cultures« are presented: the final reports (synopsis) and the presentations.

As part of the seminar the students visited in groups several companies. Based on interviews they made inside a company, they wrote a synopsis of the company policies in selected areas, such as:

The information from the field study has been analysed and structured in a synopsis the groups produce.

Presentations and Reports of the seminar held in Espoo, Finland, from November 9th to November 21st, 2003

If you want to read presentations and reports of the former intercultural management seminars, use the link to the archive:

Note: All Presentations are PDF files made of Power Point or Word files. Click on the link for download. Acrobat Reader is needed.

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