Seminar Programme and Costs

The Seminar »Intercultural Management – Bridge across Cultures 2003« took place at Laurea Polytechnic in Espoo, Finland, from November 9th to November 21st, 2003.

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Aims of the Seminar

There have been 50 participants from five European countries attending the seminar: from the Netherlands, from Belgium, from Finland, from Hungary and from Germany.

The students have been trained in intercultural management. This training has been aimed

For further information the students have got printed and online-material.

Costs of the Seminar

The costs for the seminar have been very low because of funding by the European Union.

The participating students had to pay only 80 Euro!

These 80 Euro had to be payed by the students after arrival in Finland.

For the money they got:

They have had to pay for the evening meals and your drinks.

They have had to organize your travel to Espoo respective to Helsinki / Finland and have to pay for your own travel expenses.


Schedule of the Seminar

Sunday 9. Nov.
  • Arrival in Helsinki

20:00 h: Dinner

  • Introduction to the programm/practical matters
  • Teamworking
  • Country Presentation
Monday 10. Nov.
  • Introduction
  • Practical questions
  • Cultural dimensions

12:45 Lunch

  • Team roles
  • Country Presentation
Tuesday, 11. Nov.
  • Interpersonal skills

12:45 h: Lunch

  • Negotiations
  • Country Presentation
Wednesday 12 Nov.
  • Simulations

12:45 h: Lunch

  • Outdoors: Survival case
  • Country Presentation
Thursday, 13. Nov.
  • Cultural dimensions management

12:45 h: Lunch

  • Negotiations
  • Country Presentation

21:00 h: Helsinki harbour: Embarking on ferry boat to Estonia

Friday 14. Nov.
07:15 h Arrival in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Phenomenological Survey of the Future EU member Estonia

12:45 h: Lunch on board

  • Discussion on Estonia as EU member

19:45 h: Back from Estonia: arrival in Helsinki

Saturday, 15. Nov.

Day off

Sunday, 16. Nov.
  • Presentation techniques
  • Business relation EU-US

12:30 h: Lunch

  • Cultural identity & intercultural communication
  • Report writing
Monday, 17. Nov.
  • Preparing company visits

12:30 h: Lunch

  • EU dimensions
Tuesday, 18. Nov.
  • Company visits - whole day -
Wednesday, 19. Nov.
  • Writing reports - whole day -
Thursday, 20. Nov.
  • Presentation of reports

12:30 Lunch

  • Presentations continue

18:00 h: Farewell dinner

Friday, 21. Nov.
  • Final examinations

12:30 Lunch and going home

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