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Geert Hofstede - thinking Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede is one of the leading researchers and experts on intercultural issues.

Geert Hofstede's Homepage:

One of the books Geert Hofstede published:

Book title Culture's Consequences

Geert Hofstede: Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations, 2nd Edition 596 pages. Thousand Oaks CA: Sage Publications, 2001, hardcover only. ISBN 0-8039-7323-3
An entirely re-written version of the 1980 scholarly book in which he first exposed his theories. 60% of the literature reviewed is from after 1980.

Logo: Intercult. Managem. Associates

ICM Assoc.

Intercultural Management Associates
2, Rue de l'Église
92200 Neuilly sur Seine - France

»Since 1983, ICM has helped multinational companies and their managers work effectively across borders and bridge cultural gaps, whether national, corporate and/or professional.
We help teams at all levels agree upon work practices and a shared code of conduct, in addition to working on a common project that is clearly defined and communicated.
We ourselves work as a multicultural team, relying on associated consultants from over twenty countries who work with us on projects throughout the world.
On the basis of this experience we have developed "Culture Bridging Fundamentals©" , a model that allows organizations to understand the impact of corporate cultures in the area of mergers, acquisitions and other types of alliances, so they can better manage global integration. We have also developed a number of tools which help our clients understand and manage the cultural dimension, usually acknowledged as the major obstacle to post acquisition and change processes.«

A book published by ICM Associates authors:

Book Title: Successfull Mergers

Charles Gancel, Marc Raynauld, Irene Rodgers: Mergers, Acqusitions and Strategic Alliances: How to Bridge Corporate Cultures. 2002 (Higher Education); ISBN 0077098757

Logo: Intercult. Managem. Institute

Intercultural Management Institute at American University
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, USA

»At the Intercultural Management Institute (IMI), we recognize what a vital role culture plays in international business today. We are intercultural experts, offering training programs and consulting services that provide what your organization and workforce need to manage cultural differences and flourish in the new global economy.«

A publication of the Intercultural Management Institute:

Logo: Intercult. Managem. Quaterly

Intercultural Management Quarterly (IMQ)
A publication dedicated to addressing the complex challenges that culture poses to the management of global organizations, the contributions to the Intercultural Management Quarterly (IMQ) are made by scholars in the intercultural communication field in affiliation with the Intercultural Management Institute at American University.


JAIMS Japan-America Institute of Management Science
6660 Hawaii Kai Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96825-1192 USA

»JAIMS (Japan-America Institute of Management Science), a nonprofit postgraduate institute, has been a pioneer in intercultural management education since 1972. Over 20,000 participants from more than 50 countries have come to JAIMS to study intercultural business management, cross-cultural communications, business language, and information technology. Through a network of extensive business and alumni relationships spanning the world, JAIMS provides program participants valuable internships at many prestigious companies throughout the United States, Japan, and China.«

Logo: YEO

YEO International Business Development

»YEO delivers attitude-based awareness training across cultures. We focus on two development needs in the global business environment:

  • Global teams: reconcile differences in values within the teams and coach them to higher performances compared to mono-cultural teams.
  • Expatriates, their partners and their families: prevent culture shock and accelerate the acculturation process after the initial relocation period into the new country.«





For you as a registered participant of the Intercultural Management Seminar 2003 in Espoo, Finland, there are some assignments to do:

Preliminary Assignment 1

Read an article about cultures and differences (e. g. on the website of Geert Hofstede!)

Preliminary Assignment 2

Write an essay (250 words, English)

  1. how you’ve dealt with cultural differences (at home, at school, in other organisations, with people from abroad, etc.) up to now (current approach) and
  2. what personal goals you want to reach in the upcoming Intercultural Management seminar.
Please send the essay with photo and short biography to our web master Rolf Schwermer (

Read some of the essays already handed in on the results page.

Preliminary Assignment 3

Read essay’s, biographies of the participants.
Begin two weeks before the start of the seminar.

Aftercrop Assignment 4

After having finished the seminar hand in an article written by the members of the group (1800 words) about a topic of the Intercultural Management Seminar to be published e.g. in a magazine of the participating institutes (Dutch »Hogeschoolblad«, German »Spectrum« etc.).

Groups can start writing the article during the course or after the course via internet.

Details will be explained during the seminar.

Seminar Materials

Here you could find some more seminar materials (papers) for download.

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